Resident Engagement

Management Resource Programs and Services

Appletree Resource Group can design programs to “support and assist” current developers, managers and/or self managed organizations with day to day management. Appletree Resource Group can also perform the services of day to day management when requested. Programs and Services include but are not limited to the following:

• Professional Staff Training
• Operational Manuals
• Twenty-four (24) hour assistance
• Rule and Regulation Development and Implementation
• Budget Development and Review
• Accounting, Billing and Collection Operations
• Dispute Arbitration
• Group Presentations
• Election and Voting Supervision
• Community Management (Interim)
• Key Personnel Search and Recruitment
• Recreation and Aquatics Management
• Resale Certificate Services

Association Realty Services

With a cooperative agreement between Appletree Marketing and Realty (a subsidiary of Appletree Resource Group) and a community, Appletree Resource Group can develop or establish the communities with a controlled on-site resale or rental program. Emphasis is on creating opportunities for the community to enhance the financial stability through the timely turnover of individual  or community owned inventory resulting in a reliable, stable and consistent owner base.

Reserve Studies

Be prepared for the future!  As communities age and infrastructures begin to fail, communities need to be able to plan for the upgrades and replacements that are inevitable.  Appletree Resource Group, Inc. will bring a team of professionals to your property to assess the status of your amenities, utilities and buildings.  We will then estimate the value of the structure, the life remaining, and cost of repair and/or replacement of it.  Our reserve studies are comprehensive looks at where your community stands, and what it will need to plan and budget for the future.

Planning and Developmental Services

Appletree Resource Group can transition an idea from the conceptual stages clear through to the physical introduction. Appletree Resource Group also can assist in any single step, which includes,  but is not limited to:

• Concept Development
• Developmental Business/Funding Plan
• Site Location and Planning
• Document Development
• Securing Project Financing
• Marketing and Sales Programs
• Website Development & Management

Long-Range Planning

Appletree Resource Group recognizes the importance of the vision, long-range and strategic plan and the affects of the plan on all areas of the organization. Focus on this business tool is a must in today’s marketplace for groups desiring to change with their customer’s needs and economy. Appletree Resource Group planning services include:

• Comprehensive Survey Development
• Distribution and Interpretation of results
• Vision/Mission/Sense of Place Statement Development
• Development of Goals, Objectives, Time Limits and Relative Strategies
• Implementation through Management Plans

Association Websites

Appletree Resource Group, Inc. can assist your community in creating and maintaining a dynamic and informative website.  Our websites can be fully integrated with our accounting software, assigning each resident a unique login name and password to view their accounts as well as access community announcements, events, and documents.

Customer Service Training

Appletree Resource Group is proud of our customer service emphasis. Therefore, Appletree Resource Group can develop an extensive program designed to train owners, managers and employees in  providing exceptional customer service. The program is designed to build the following qualities:

• Effective Listening Skills
• Hospitality
• Reliability
• Responsiveness
• Going the Extra Mile
• Exceeding Customer Needs

Utility Management

Potable water and wastewater treatment infrastructures of communities are vitally important. Appletree Resource Group provides assistance and structure to these basic necessities. The main services provided for utility management are:

• Comprehensive Management
• Strategic Planning
• Accounting, Billing and Collections
• Licensed Operator(s)
• Financial Forecasting
• Project Financing and Refinancing
• Liaison with Governmental Agencies